JUST GREAT: 10 Horse Tricks in 2 Minutes!!!

Alright, here are 10 horse tricks in 2 minutes: Smile, yes, no, count, look here, bow, turn around (circle), free lunging, on the box and go – jump! Enjoy! Jay loves trick training and he enjoys every single training session. How do you teach tricks to a horse? Well, there are heaps of great methods and it really depends on the horse. You can use a clicker, treat or just a pressure-release technique, every horse reacts different. Jay loooooves carrots, so that’s the best way to motivate him.
Trick training is a great way to bond with a horse and to have some good fun together. Its different to riding as you are kinda on eye level with the horse – a different relationship can be formed this way. Trick training sometimes is close to liberty, natural horsemanship and agility – it has elements of all these disciplines. But more than that its a fantastic way to waste time with your best furry friend.

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