Cool Cat’s Cool Cyber Adventure

This video was made with permission of Cool Cat creator Derek Savage. I emailed him a rough cut and he said he liked it very much and of course I could upload it to YouTube. He said it was in line with the Cool Cat image and the brand he was trying to create. He then suggested I monetize it so I could make some profit, but I said, Oh, I don’t know about that Derek Savage, it feels wrong. He said, Then please, Wallid baby, will you direct the Cool Cat sequel? At least write me a spec script for it? I’ll pay you. Both ways.

I asked for clarification, and he said he meant both financially and sexually. I said, Oh, no, Mr. Savage. I simply can’t, but thank you for this generous offer. Well, what do you know, but two weeks later he showed up at my front door asking if he could fellate me. It was pretty good, but apparently he had forgotten all about the sequel because he never even mentioned it. He did pay me $200 though, and reiterated that I have permission to upload this video to YouTube, which was very kind of him. He then said, “I hope everyone who sees it is inspired to make their own Cool Cat edits and upload those to YouTube, too. I’m Derek Savage and piracy is cooowooowooowoool!!!” He then shoved both thumbs up his butt and skipped off into the sunset.

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