💙 The Paradise Bird Dance ➖ The Bird-of-Paradise and its colorful courtship (mating) dance 💙

💙 The Paradise Bird Dance ➖ The Bird-of-Paradise and its colorful courtship (mating) dance 💙
ENG ➡ His female watches him from the branch. And he, the great black male ‘bird of paradise’, begins to woo her by staging a dance very spectacular.
💙 The images show (01:00) how the male will turn into a sort of luminescent dancer to impress and win over his future mate.
Note the total change in color, with a radical transformation, almost ‘psychedelic’, which constructs a particular pattern of light blue brilliant on a black background.
Very beautiful …!
❤ The birds-of-paradise are members of the family Paradisaeidae of the order Passeriformes. The majority of species are found in eastern Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and eastern Australia. The family has 42 species in 15 genera.] The members of this family are perhaps best known for the plumage of the males of the sexually dimorphic species (the majority), in particular, the highly elongated and elaborate feathers extending from the beak, wings, tail or head. For the most part, they are confined to dense rainforest habitat. The diet of all species is dominated by fruit and to a lesser extent arthropods. The birds-of-paradise have a variety of breeding systems, ranging from monogamy to lek-type polygamy.
💙 The center of bird-of-paradise diversity is the large island of New Guinea; all but two genera are found in New Guinea. The two that are not are the monotypic genera Lycocorax and Semioptera, both of which are endemic to the Maluku Islands, to the west of New Guinea. Of the riflebirds in the genus Ptiloris, two are endemic to the coastal forests of eastern Australia, one occurs in both Australia and New Guinea, and one is only found in New Guinea. The only other genus to have a species outside New Guinea is Manucodia, one representative of which is found in the extreme north of Queensland. The remaining species are restricted to New Guinea and some of the surrounding islands. Many species have highly restricted ranges, particularly a number of species with restricted habitat types such as mid-montane forest (like the black sicklebill) or island endemics (like Wilson’s bird-of-paradise).
❤ The majority of birds-of-paradise live in tropical forests, including rainforest, swamps and moss forest, nearly all of them solitary tree dwellers. Several species have been recorded in coastal mangroves. The southernmost species, the paradise riflebird of Australia, lives in sub-tropical and temperate wet forests. As a group, the manucodes are the most plastic in their habitat requirements, in particular, the Glossy-mantled manucode inhabiting both forest and open savanna woodland. Mid-montane habitats are the most commonly occupied habitat, with thirty of the forty species occurring in the 1000–2000 m altitudinal band.

ITA ➡ La femmina sul ramo lo osserva.
E lui, il bellissimo uccello nero del paradiso, inizia a corteggiarla inscenando una danza spettacolare.
Le immagini mostrano (01:00) come il maschio si trasformi in una sorta di ballerina luminescente per impressionare e conquistare la sua futura compagna.
Notare il totale cambiamento di colori, con una radicale trasformazione, quasi “psichedelica”, che costruisce un particolare disegno di color celeste brillante su fondo nero.
Bellissimo … !

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