Horses for Kids | All About Horses | Fun Horse Videos for Kids

Horses for Kids | All About Horses | Fun Horse Videos for Kids
The Wild Adventure Girls eps 3

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Horses for Kids | All About Horses | Fun Horse Videos for Kids

Follow the fun adventures or Angelina, Scarlett and Annabella as they bring you into the world of Horses, in their fun and exciting new show!

Did you know Horses can run over 30 miles per hour? The Wild Adventure Girls will take you on a fun and exciting journey into the world of Horses and in the process you’ll laugh and learn all kinds of fun facts about the Horses!

Horse Facts: Did you know a horse has the biggest eye of any land mammal?

This show is for parents and kids alike, so prepare to laugh and to go on an exciting adventure with The Wild Adventure Girls! Be prepared to go on your own journey of discovery!

In this episode of “All About Horses | Fun Horse Videos for Kids!” You will learn some amazing horse facts and never look at horses the same!

We hope you are going to love our “Amazing Horses – All about Horses!” third episode and learn some amazing horse facts to share with your friends!

If you are ready, then join us, have fun, learn more, watch the world and enjoy!

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