Queen ft Bowie ~ Cool Cat 1982 Disco Purrfection Version

Washington Alves, thank you for your request. This song is a soulful side of Queen with Freddie’s falsetto (or soprano) over a very Chic flavoured arrangement. Quite a departure, but it really sounds great. This is off the 1982 LP “Hot Space” produced by Mack (A Giorgio Moroder protege) and Queen. It was a highly anticipated release since their 1980 entry “The Game” was a multi-platinum winner with 2 #1 singles, “A Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and “Another One Bites The Dust”. It’s probably best remembered for being the album that contained “Body Language” an urban dance track that peaked at #11 pop that signaled their new direction and sound. However, hidden away on side 2, just before the last track (Under Pressure) is this surprising little gem. Admittedly, I did not buy this album at the time and I did not know about it until a fellow YouTuber brought it to my attention. I instantly fell in love with it, not really dance/disco but its got a great slow grinding groove for those really close, lingering dances. Digging around, I found out that Bowie had also provided some wordless backing vocals on a demo. This version uses the original version of “Cool Cat” and parts of the Bowie alternate version. Ooh, the song is just too cool, a refreshing splash on this really hot day in mid-July, 2015.

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