Something I Need To Talk About For The Care Of Your Horse

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After a good and proper horsey check and update on the shuffling of them around into different paddocks, I thought I would talk about a topic that is coming up more and more lately, being empowered and trusting your instincts regarding your horse’s care and/or training. Many people talk to me about how they feel their horse is not being cared for properly in one way or another, they then go and look things up or talk to others and then finally approach the caregiver with this information to only get shot down or ignored. I want to communicate to you that it’s ok to be empowered and more knowledgeable due to having a gut instinct or a feeling of worry and concern. Most cases that I hear about come to the conclusion that the owner is right! In the end, the horse’s life and the horse owner are better off due to becoming more knowledgeable in an area that maybe you weren’t quite up to speed on, or perhaps knew nothing at all. This should be encouraged for all horse owners and never ignored or belittled.

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