What Makes Parrots Talk Like Humans

If your pet could talk, what would it say to you? Probably something like “Hey, gimme some food!” But there’s one animal that actually can talk. Yes, I’m talking about parrots. Of course, it’s not like you can sit down to a cup of coffee and discuss geopolitics with your parrot. But, still, isn’t it amazing? So how do they manage to imitate us?

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Can you talk and breathe at the same time? Birds can! 0:52

Why can’t all birds speak like humans? 2:02

The things we have in common with parrots 2:29

The parrot that knew about 150 words 4:08

Hoover the talking seal 5:14

How a beluga whale learned to imitate humans 5:56

Wikie says hello (btw, it’s a killer whale) 6:56

The talking elephant 7:37

Some dogs can talk, too 8:19

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– Birds don’t have a larynx with vocal chords. Their voice box is called a syrinx, and it’s located between the windpipe and the lungs.
– Birds can produce two sounds at once. They can also breathe through one chamber while continuously singing through the other!
– Parrots differ from other birds because they have a rather thick tongue. Unlike other birds, they know how to use it to shape sounds.
– Humans and these bird species use the same genes to speak and sing.
– Probably the most famous parrot who mastered human speech was Alex. Alex knew about 150 words, could distinguish colors and shapes, and count using small numbers.
– A beluga whale named Noc learned to imitate humans by listening to them speaking to each other.
– One more aquatic mammal famous for mimicking human-like sounds is Wikie. This female killer whale lives in the Marineland Aquarium in France.
– Koshik the talking elephant imitated human speech using his trunk! He learned how to say “good,” “no,” “hello,” and “sit down,” in Korean, of course!
– Siberian huskies are also well known to be pretty chatty with their owners. Taking after their wolf ancestors, they howl and whine to communicate with those they consider a part of their pack.

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