100 Things You Can Do With Your Horse

Hello Awesome Equestrians! Since I have had a lot of down time over the past 5 weeks, I decided to make a list of 100 different things to do with your horse! Some of these things are on the ground, and some of them are in the saddle. But regardless of how you will be doing them, you have 100 ideas of what you can do with your horse. Here is the complete list:
100 Things To Do With Your Horse
1. Hang out with your horse in his field
2. Grooming (brushing)
3. Picking out his feet
4. Practice saddling, and then don’t ride
5. Getting him used to being sprayed, like fly spray shine spray, etc.
6. Clip his bridle path
7. Practice bridling and unbridling
8. Take him for a walk (like you would a dog)
9. Work on backing up (in hand)
10. Teach him to move away from pressure (in hand)
11. From the ground, walk a dressage pattern
12. Take your horse for a jog
13. Lunging
14. Backing up over a ground pole (in hand)
15. Backing a pattern (in hand)
16. Walking up and down hills
17. Practicing mounting and having your horse stand still
18. Practice inside rein, outside leg in the arena, on the trail, wherever!
19. Practice a two point position and see how long you can do it
20. Practice a three point position and see how long you can do it
21. Practice sitting trot
22. Practice rising trot
23. Learn how to feel the correct diagonal while in rising trot
24. Drop and pick up your stirrups without looking down
25. Walk without stirrups
26. Trot without stirrups
27. Two point without stirrups
28. Canter on your horse
29. Learn how to counter canter
30. Learn how to do a flying lead change
31. Walk to canter transition
32. Practice half halts
33. Practice a side pass, both directions
34. Go for a trail ride
35. Walk your horse over ground poles
36. Learn how to do a shoulder in
37. Learn how to do a shoulder out
38. Practice walking a straight line
39. Trot a perfect circle
40. Canter a perfect circle
41. Give your horse a bath
42. Teach your horse to smile
43. Teach your horse to bow
44. Find a horsemanship pattern, and practice it
45. Ride an introductory dressage test
46. Build a gymnastic, and jump it
47. Ride bareback
48. Learn how to do a turn on the forehand
49. Learn how to do a turn on the haunches
50. Ride a regular serpentine pattern
51. Practice sitting on your horse at the halt
52. Spiral in on a circle
53. Give your horse a massage
54. Braid (or band) your horses mane
55. Ride to music
56. Ride for 15 minutes longer than you normally do
57. Lunge over ground poles
58. Lunge over a small jump or cavaletti
59. Desensitize your horse to a plastic bag
60. Desensitize your horse to a tarp (or a water jump)
61. Try to touch your toes while in the saddle
62. Learn how to ground drive your horse
63. Ride a cloverleaf barrel pattern
64. Get your horse to bend without using your reins
65. Back your horse in a circle
66. Check your horses pulse, and temperature
67. Open and close a gate while mounted
68. Ride with a neck rope
69. Teach your horse to lower his head for haltering and bridling
70. Video record your ride, and then watch it
71. Have a photography session with your horse and actually print and hang a photo
72. Ride a reining pattern
73. Drag your arena, and then work your horse creating fun patterns
74. Have someone lunge you and your horse
75. Practice loading and unloading your horse into a trailer without going anywhere
76. Learn how to apply polo wraps
77. Practice putting boots on your horses legs
78. Jump a small jump without stirrups
79. Remove your stirrups from your saddle for your ride
80. Ride your horse to your mailbox
81. Try riding a different discipline
82. Ride through water
83. Have a complete spa day with your horse (not just grooming)
84. Try riding bitless
85. Make a costume for your horse
86. Take a professional lesson with your horse
87. Groom like you are going to a horse show
88. Make homemade horse treats for your horse
89. Hand graze your horse
90. Find his favorite itching spot
91. Ride with a friend or neighbor
92. Ride on a loose rein, let your horse decide where to go (in the arena of course)
93. Trot a figure 8 pattern
94. Make or buy a toy for your horse
95. Teach your horse the Spanish walk
96. Take your horse to a local horse show
97. Teach your horse to come when called
98. Teach your horse different stretches
99. Learn how to braid his tail
100. Give your horse a hug

I hope you enjoyed this list, now go and do something new with your horse!

Thanks for watching!

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