Adley rides BABY SPIRIT the horse!! Family day play with farm animals!

Baby Niko’s very first flight!! family travel routine!

Adley RIDES SPIRIT the Horse! —

Best Pet Animal Day Ever 947

Our morning routine is all over the palace today! Jenny, Adley, and Baby Niko are going leaving for six days to visit Jenny’s sister in Nevada. So instead of doing our normal family fun in the morning, everyone is packing. Adley packing pajamas, toys, and A for Adley app reviews on her iPad to keep her having fun on the plane. Jenny is a little stressed but it’ll all be fine, plus it’s Niko’s first time on an airplane so you know he’s got to get a picture with the pilot.

While Jenny finishes getting everything packed, I get the kids breakfast. Adley of course is eating cereal while Niko is having baby food and puff. UPDATE, I teach Niko to feed himself, we have his breakfast routine down. I decide to taste test baby brothers food and its not bad, just tastes like weird applesauce. We get everything loaded into the car and head off to the airport!

After dropping off the family, I head to the store to stock up on food, drinks, and medicine (Still feeling sick from the sick dad sick kids when I got back from my trip) Jenny and Adley take over the vlog from here, taking us all with them to a baby farm animal petting zoo, no need to pretend play with inflatable pets this time. They pet goats and lambs, baby chickens and spirit the horse that Aldey rides around, and they have games and a slide that’s not 45ft that Adley loves going down. I miss them lots, but it looks like they are having a blast, and I love that we are recording this trip so we can go back and watch these awesome memories.

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