Origami Easy for Kids but Cool | How to Make a Paper Dog | Origami Animal Dog Tutorial

“enjoy paper! origami tutorials” . This is a video how to make origami animal dog. It’s very easy to fold for kids and beginners. Only with one piece of paper.
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Paper dog tutorial.
In this tutorial, I teach you how to fold origami animal dog step by step.

It’s very easy to fold for kids and beginners.
You need only one paper.

Paper used in this video ▶
● 1 square sheet of paper ・・・ 15cm x 15cm

You can learn how to make many different origami models on my channel, including origami animals, boxes, air planes, guns, flowers, ninjya stars, seasonal things, foods, useful things, letters, toys, decorations and all thats in between! I try to make my tutorials easy to follow for beginners and also more experienced paper folders!

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