Hi everyone i needed to put this video out there and talk about the realities of having a service dog. so many young people think its cool to have a service dog and halfway train a dog to be one causing a lot of problems. Also people dont realize how hard it can be to have a service dog, its not all fun and games. its not fun or cool to be disabled. having a service dog isnt about making youtube videos and being popular. yes i choose to share our journey but its not for views or popularity its for a hell lot more than that. a lot of hardships come with having a service dog and here are some of them.

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~common FAQs~
Morgan (me) 20 | Dissabilities include medical and psychiatric.
Brantley (Malinois mix) almost 2 |psychiatric/medical/mobility service dog.
Butch (Malinois) 1 year | pet that dabbles in sports

~service dogs~

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