Niko rides BABY SPIRIT the horse!! Feeding farm animals!

Family Night taking care of 3 baby horses with Adley


Best Horse Day Ever 957

You know Spirit the horse that we always film with? Mostly on A for Adley but every now and then on the best day ever. Well she and two of her farm animal horse friends just had babies. So I’m going to get Aldey, Jenny, and baby Niko and surprise them with a visit to the new baby animals.

I get home and everyone is almost ready, Jenny is looking super hot because while were out, we’re going take some pictures with her brand new Tesla. oh, and Niko just learned a new trick that I need to show you. He’s playing hide n seek with us. He covers his face and we have to find him. He’s sooooo cute!!

We jump in the car and head out. We make it to a pasture and see some teenage horse, but it turns out we’re at the wrong place. So back into the car and go to another farm. We start walking around saying hi to horses and a cute cat that Adley loves, but Jenny soon finds out we’re still in the wrong place. it feels like we’re playing ultimate hide and seek with these horses.

We finally meet up with our friends and no surprises, these baby horses are so cute and Adley is so happy. Even baby brother loves the horses, I’m happy he wasn’t scared. We help with the evening routine with the horses, brushing them, feeding them, and cleaning up their “presents”. What a wonderful night full of family fun!

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