Games For Kindle Horse Quizzes Cool horse games Quizzes and interactive trivia questions for kids Explore fun facts about animals in the horse game on Kindle.

I’m Fun Facts Freddie and I make learning fun for all. With my interactive books for kids, learning new stuff is fun. My horse books will entertain you as you guess the answers to dozens of quiz questions about horses, ponies, mustangs and broncos.

Here’s how the quizzes work. Pick the correct answer and you advance to the next question, incorrect answers give you another chance to guess again. These are not just kids games, the quizzes are easy enough for children as well as fun for adults.

The horse books for young adults are beautifully illustrated with full-color pictures. Bonus features include horse humor, kid friendly jokes and amazing videos. Keep children entertained in the car by playing the horseland horse game. These trivia books filled with interesting facts about horses are great for road trips too.

So join me, Fun Facts Freddie as I gallop the globe in search of fun facts about horses in my kids games for Kindle series. Just click the link below to find my childrens horse books for Kindle at Amazon.

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