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Ok ladies cool cat is here with something nasty.. you know when cool cat is in a seafood mukbang alone its something crazy. well today he has some fried octopus .. yasss fried octopus .. he air fried the octopus in the air fryer along with some large garlic stuffed olives. now one thing you didn’t know about cool cat is that he loves some olives.. lol take note.. lol .. also cool cat decided he will come up with his own sauce which he calls the cat dip.. lol how cute.. not sure what he put in this cat dip so be alarmed..

we hope you all enjoy this seafood mukbang with cool cat.. and he did this for you ladies with no shirt.. omg.. if you are a fan of octopus or even fried octopus make sure you hit that like button so he can bring you more.. cool cat loves to do octopus mukbang videos.. im not on that.. lol
again we are here to bring you all the great seafood boils we can.. so sit back and enjoy this seafood mukbang with cool cat

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