A Talking Cat!?! – JonTron

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You’re telling me a talking cat would talk to me!?! But only once that’s the rules!?!

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Director/Writer/Actor – Jon Jafari
Producer/Propmaster – Hila Klein
Writer – Zach Hadel
Director of Photography – Pete Polyakov
Gaffer – Sergio Torres
Sound – Matt Nissen
Makeup – Melanie Licata

Jon – Himself
Sergio Torres – Editor Hit by Bottle

Post Production:
Visual Effects – Pete Polyakov
Editor – Jon Jafari
Assistant Editor – Sergio Torres

Title Cards/Intro/Art Assets – Michael Azzi : http://michafrar.tumblr.com/

JonTron Logo: Keanu Modeseven Jones + Shane Gill of http://www.youtube.com/DYKgaming

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