Interesting facts about Cats | Educational Video for Kids.

Did you know that the cat’s whiskers have special powers?

In fact whiskers are not hairs but nerve endings. And with these they detect many different things …they are almost like a radar. Cats use them, as well as their smell and sight, to identify odors or to calculate the exact location of an object or prey…such as this poor mouse.

And did you know that cats that have three or four colors are females?

So when you see a cat which has three or four different colors in their fur, it most likely will be a girl cat. There have been extreme cases of three fur colored male cats but these have been sterile meaning that they can not have babies. Cats can have a litter of three to seven kittens every four months and in a life time they can have up to 100 kittens, that’s incredible!

Did you know cats are one of the cleanest animals in the world?

They dedicate a great deal of their time cleaning themselves. As soon as they finish eating they begin a lengthy cleaning proses. It is a survival instinct so their predators, such as dogs, don’t smell them and therefore don’t attack them. They also like to burry their fesses and this way they are avoiding being discovered and captured by other animals.

Though many people don’t like cats we do love pussycats.

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