Daddy Derek REALLY Wants PewDiePie To Play Cool Cat

Daddy Derek Wants PewDiePie To Play Cool Cat, and it’s awesome. Cool Cat Saves The Kids is a 2015 kids film that has become an iconic meme over the past few years. Will Pewdiepie play in Cool Cat? In this video, I will cover the video from Coolcatfunhouse, and daddy Derek, while also breaking down the history of the beloved “Cool Cat”

Cool Cat is a cool cat, and he saves kids from bullies.

Anyways, Cool cat saves the kids, later renamed to cool cat A kids superhero because superheroes are cool I guess

Became a YouTube meme and now here we are.

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Daddy Derek REALLY Wants PewDiePie To Play Cool Cat

-S O C I A L-


-M E T A-

MUSIC by Epidemic Sound, Apple

At the time of the release, the channel holds 6.1K subscribers

If you actually read the description, what are your thoughts on Daddy Derek?


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