Two Birds With One Bird feat. Sarmatian | Chaos Vs Empire | Total War: WARHAMMER II

Hi Guys. Here’s a juicy Total War: Warhammer II Battle Replay just for you! Let me know what you thought about the battle in the comments and we might all learn a thing or two.

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The outro music is a excerpt from the cover of “King Of The Rodeo – Kings of Leon” by a fine subscriber of mine that goes by the name of David McMichael. You can find more of his music here:

This is not an official Total War video.
This contains Blood and Gore so you if you’re under the age of 18 don’t look at the replay with your eyes.

You can find the game here:

Commonly used cosmetic mods:

“Cinematic Battle Effects – Version 1” by Railgun and Atilla

“Better Camera Mod” by Kam2150

“Less Blood, Less Gore! – II” by bigsur

“GemFX” by Ganossa:

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