Bird Language Stories Contest – Tell Your Story, Win Cool Stuff

The contest is over, but you are still welcome to submit you story!

The knowledge of Bird Language is shared through stories. When you tell your story, you reinforce your own learning journey and inspire others.
Enter to win by submitting your video reply below telling your best birdangluage story.
Videos will be judged by having the most likes.
1st place – Free admission to the Bird Language Intensive April 21-27 2012 in Bolinas, CA $850 value
2nd place – Signed copies of Bird Language with Jon Young instructional DVD and Jon’s new book “What the Robin Knows”
3rd-4th place – Bird Language with Jon Young instructional DVD and Jon’s new book “What the Robin Knows”
5th-8th place – Your choice of either Bird Language with Jon Young instructional DVD or Jon’s new book “What the Robin Knows”

Visit for more information and instructions

Submission Instructions

Step 1. Sign in to or get a YouTube account

Make sure you have a youtube account and are signed in to your account. You can do so by going to and clicking either “Create Account” or “Sign In” in the upper right corner.

Step 2. Make a Video

It’s easier than you think:

With a video camera: Record your video, transfer it to your computer, upload it to youtube (go to and click “upload” at the top of the page or go to and follow the instructions.)

From your computer’s camera: Go to, click upload, click record from webcam (or just go to, Adobe Flash player will ask to use your camera, click allow, Hit the record button and follow the instructions.

From your IPhone: Open your camera application, switch it to video mode, record your video, open your video in the gallery, click the share icon in the lower left corner, click “send to youtube” and follow the instructions.

From your Google Android Phone: Open the Youtube app, click the camera icon on the top, follow the instructions.

Step 3. Submit your video as a reply

Once you have your video on youtube, go to the contest video , click “respond to this video” in the comments section below the video, then click “create a video response” (short cut to this page here, then select the video from the list of your videos and click “Use selected video”

Step 4. Get your friends to “like” your video

Go to page that plays your video (go to, next to your picture in the top left click videos, then click your video — it should start playing your video), click the “share” button below the video, copy the link that looks something like this

Now go to your facebook, google plus, blog, email, pen and paper, signal fire, or your communication method of choice and paste that link and ask your friends, family, and neighbors to watch your video and then click the like button below the video.

Step 5. Go to and watch the youtube channel that you helped make!

If you have any troubles, feel free to contact us at and click the “send message” button on the right.

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