DIY Parrot Toys

Now this is about being as creative as you want while making sure the bird toys are safe for your parrots. I’ll show you what I used, how I threw everything together and the end results. I hope this helps you create something fun for your parrots. You don’t have to do it the same way I did, just use this for ideas and see what you come up with! And remember it doesn’t have to look good, it just has to entertain your parrot.

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Tools: hole puncher, small hand drill, scissors
Supplies: popsicle sticks, different size string, Pvc pipes, Wooden blocks, corn husks, streamers, Chinese finger traps, little straw hats, colorful tissue paper, bells, construction paper, wooden beads.

I prepared the corn husks the same way you would for food. Soak in warm water, rinse and then dry.

I’m sorry if some of the clips aren’t that great, this was hours and hours of footage. So it was a little hard putting it all together and sometimes I was tired and forgot to check the camera.

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