War Thunder P-38L-5-LO 8 Kills | Thicc Flappy Bird

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-12.7mm: Universal
-20mm: Air Targets
Convergence: 500m
Manual Engine Control settings:
-100% prop pitch
-30% radiators

Rare Adam514 heavy fighter footage, with a carry no less, enjoy!

Very effective flaps, but takeoff and landing settings rip at a too low speed to earn the “+Great flaps” pro. Thicc wings give this plane a low Mach rip number and poor control at high speed, as you may learn one day.

I don’t really like heavy fighters, and the P38L is no exception. Too big, with the armament similar to a single-engined fighter. It is more useful than most heavy fighters though.

End screen music:
Bitch Lasagna by PewDiePie x Party In Backyard

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