Cockatiels Singing: 🐤- The Best Songs 🐤

Training for Kockatiels to Teach Cockatiel Puppies

Put this corner of the video for your calopsita to hear a few times repeatedly a day, these corners are ideal for training Cockatiels puppies, your bird will memorize, decorate and soon will start to repeat the songs, treat your birds well, take good care of the cleaning your cages, exchange water daily and serve ration and favorite fruits of your Cockatiel,
The food for Cockatiel is basically made up of ration and seeds that are easily found in pet stores and can even be complemented with various fruits and vegetables. The daily feed should consist of a good seed mix with about 20% canary seed, 50% millet, 15% husked rice, 10% oats and 5% sunflower. One of the easiest ways to get this blend is by buying it ready, as there is a wide variety of brands and prices available in the market.

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