Amazing Birds That Are EVIL!

From birds that skewer their unlucky meals to those that swallow creatures whole. Here are amazing fowl that are Evil!

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Hey Gang! Here are amazing birds that are he wall
First up in this pecking order is the perhaps the most venerated bird in the world. It is the national bird of Germany, Austria, Mexico and Kazakstan and it’s featured on the coat of arms of nearly a dozen other countries. the Golden Eagle! The Golden Eagle is so formidable that Mongolians use them to bunt Wolves! These raptors will fearlessly nose dive in and take down animals that are 3 times their body weight. And don’t mess with this bird because it will literally drop you! One of its go to methods to find dinner is to spot a mountain goat climbing the side of a cliff. The Eagle will swoop in, out of nowhere and knock the goat from the ledge. The thing falls hundreds of feet and then the eagle flies to the ground to enjoy a fresh goat pancake. And it doesn’t stop with goats. The golden eagle absolutely loves turtles. When they spies Yertle walking around, the golden eagle will scoop it up and take off. When it reaches a high enough altitude He’ll drop him like he’s James Bond from Goldeneye. For England James?
Pelicans are notorious for wallowing anything! They’re like the sorority girls of the sky. Typically not what you want to be known for but the pelican really embraces this reputation. Anything that can fit in its gaping mouth is fair game. And not just fish and crustaceans. Pelicans will consume, ducks pigeons and African Penguins in one big gulp. Big Gulps huh? Well see ya later! This swallowing method is truly brutal on whatever is being eaten because it’s a real slow way to go. If you’re swallowed whole by a pelican you’re doomed to spend the rest of your agonizing life stuff oh gating in an a kid filled stomach sack. I’m gonna stop you right there pelican. Boba Fet in the Sarlacc pit had the best prolonged digestion of all time!
Everyone knows warbler birds for their lovely singing voice. But whats less know about warbler is that they are he wall maniacs. The issue is that the male warblers are real players, they’ll shook up with a female one time and then just, fly the coop. This guy puts the “Bird” in “Birds and the tees”. Trouble comes because one male starts to be the cause for nests full of eggs all over town and these guys have this weird rule that they will only help care for the first nestlings that actually hatch. To have better odds of getting this bed feet dad to help out with the kids, the mommy Warbler will go around and attempt to smash the eggs of the other females. It’s a real scramble!
Shrikes are small, pudgy and generally average looking songbirds that live across Eurasia and Africa. But don’t let their unassuming demeanor mislead you, this feathered fowl is a heartless savage. So what makes them so wish us?
# 2
The Kia bird is an olive green parrot that lives in New Zealand. They’re a cool looking bird but what makes them horrible is that they have a bad case of Neophila!
Oh snap I just said the word of the day “NeoPhilia”. This word is cool because it’s a a direct translation of its Greek Roots. Neo Meaning “new” and Phila meaning “affection”. Neophilia is “love of new things”. Side note, Phil by itself just means love, so philosophy means lover of knowledge, Philanthropist means lover of humanity and Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love! Words are fun!
Because it’s a neophile the Kia will take or deep toy anything new that it comes across. This feathered nussainces are known to grab and take tourist passports. Bight ab break rubber seal around windows. Oh and they also eat sheep a thrive.
Coming in at number 1 is the biggest bird on the block. Unless of course you’re living on sesame street. Male Ostriches can grow up to 9 feet tall and weigh more than 330 pounds. Don’t be fooled by their size the behemoths are crazy fast and can run at speeds up to 45 MPH. The reason that they’re arguably the most ranger us bird in the world is due to their Bruce Lee like ability to deliver devastating kicks that are capable of taking down a lion. On the business end of those kicks are long claws that are capable of tearing through a human body like tissue paper. All though unprovoked at bats on humans are rare, ostriches are known to go full Chun Li on anyone who makes them feel cornered. Hyauken! In the South African region of Oudtshoom about 3 ostrich at bats occur every year and usually result in serious and jury.

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