Estella – Our great year 2015 ♥

I hope everybody had a good start in 2016! 😀

Here’s our 2015 video! It turned out a bit.. long :’) 2015 was such an incredible year with Estella.
In dressage she can now walk steadily in a good frame, which was not possible at the beginning of the year. She also became so much stronger!!
As you’ve maybe realized at the end of summer she started to walk in a good frame tackless awell!
Free dressage is not longer just running around, she really has fun in dancing now and offers many cool new movements. Also she learned how to sit this year (It’s so cute isn’t it?:D) and she learned the spanish walk and a start of the passage! We also taught her to jump in the air with her front legs while galloping – little war horse!

Aaaand.. dumdum.. Her mane has grown so much!!! No summer itch this year for some reason but we didn’t miss it haha!

Exited for this year with this fabulous girl, she’s really the brighter side of life ♥

2014 video:

2013 video:

Zu unserem ersten eigenen Buch:

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