Desensitizing Young Horse Series, Part I – Working with Multiple Horses

This video is one of many as the entire video is 2.5 hours long. We decided to break it up into 20 minute segments and offer it on our blog and in our newest online training course called Holistic Horse Problem Solving Strategy Course. Please click here for details on our online training courses

Before I begin introducing this video I want you to know that this is the first episode of many to come. We filmed several sessions, days, with all 3 horses and hours worth of work and progress can be seen within each! We will make many public on Youtube with the remaining (in sequence) uploaded to my blog page on my website. Please click here to join

In this video I am working with the newest member of my equine family, Raitlin Blue, aka “Baby Blue” and helping him get use to the white grocery bag. Blue acts extremely feral in this video, like a wild horse. His reactions are extreme and potentially dangerous. Very contradicting to his sweet and calm nature and demeanor.

While I use the word desensitizing, I do not agree with standard desensitizing techniques. I do not want my horses to be deadened, spirits broken from desensitizing them to objects, environments or situations they are afraid of. Rather, I want to be sensitive to the fact that they are scared and take that sensitivity into my work with them as I help them overcome their fear and trust me. In the end, that’s really what this video (it is a series as it’s 2.5 hours long in total) is all about, helping Blue not fear the scary bag and trust me.

The most important point I want to convey throughout the entire video is staying sensitive to the horse’s needs while helping him get over his fear of the bag. There is so much feel and timing going on too, as well as knowing when to approach, back off, match his fear and match his comfort. Knowing when to pause, give him time to digest, process and decompress is also very important. So often horses are over saturated with stimuli and things they are afraid of making them shut down. Most people mistake a horse shutting down for being calm or calming down. Little do they realize the horse has given up and/or is faking them out, saving their energy for flight or fight for another day. I see this all too often with clients and horses coming to me after their horse has ‘suddenly” and unexpectedly exploaded. Trust me when I say, every horse has a saturation point and if/when pushed too far they will reveal it. The key to good horse training and re-training is finding that point sooner than later and teaching the horse how to trust it’s person and work through it vs react to it.

In addition to Blue being afraid of the white bag, Sundance and Lovey are not fans of it either. While they both have had negative experiences with bags (I explain in the video), Blue has not and yet he has learned to fear it because they do.

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