Into the Mystic | One Cool Cat

Into the Mystic | For Barbara

LISTEN TO THE ENTIRE SONG. I believe you will be as blown away as I am. Keep in mind that this song WAS NOT recorded in a music studio, with all the latest & greatest engineering equipment.

In this video, Steve performs a beautiful, moving, powerful rendition of the Van Morrison classic “Into the Mystic”. I had never met Steve before the service. As he was exiting the service, I complimented him and asked if he had ever participated in one of the many musical competitions you find so often on Reality TV. Steve very humbly accepted the compliment, and replied that he just “LOVES TO SING”. He went on to say that he competed in just ONE competition MANY years ago in Atlantic City. It was not a pleasant experience, very political, and it took the enjoyment out of something he has loved to do since he was child. Steve smiled, shook my hand and said, “man…I just love to sing”. “I don’t care about the money, business, all that other stuff”. Steve’s reply was short and sincere. He did not want anyone or anything to interfere with the passion and pleasure out of the thing he loved to do most. As he started to walk away he turned around and said “I just love to sing man, and I’ll sing every chance I get.” “Leave all the business stuff to other guys”. Just like the words used to describe musicians like Vernon Alley and Sammy Davis Jr., he is “one cool cat”.

This video was recorded on my iPhone at a memorial service for Barbara. A 92 year well known, active, and very much loved member of the Brewster, NY community. Barbara requested her memorial service be a joyful experience. A celebration of the wonderful long life she very much appreciated.

Barbara loved to work with the sound of music in the background. Friends/musicians of Barbara & family performed a few songs, honoring her request that her service be happy occasion.

Music & Lyrics: Van Morrison
Copywrite: Warner Music Group

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