Funniest Horse Video EVER!

Malakai really really really wants his treat!

so I bought him this mint ‘likit’ and tied it to the door, he ate it all in 40 mins, so then I bought him this molasses treat in the likit and he pinned it to the door and ate it in 2hrs, next I tried the original lick in the middle of the stable but cheeky git managed to scoff than too in just under a day, so he now has the molasses hanging and he really can’t get his greedy teeth into it! But alas the next morning gone by … all gone! bless him

He has the ‘lik’ to maintain occupied and decrease boredom and stress while in the stable, as well as an endless supply of salt licks and garlic licks for good condition, he needs to drop weight from eating his barley straw bedding in between feed times, so I hope this idea works! obviously if he is scoffing these things he wont drop weight, neither will they last very long 😛

Please ignore the conversation about pigs, fear not we dont kill them!
A local barn on our hacking routes breed free range pigs (which horses dont like anyway) but the horses are less than willing to walk past the barn so we think the little piggies have gone to the butcher! 🙁

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