The Best Bird Store Ever – Parakeets, Conures, Macaws, Parrotlets, Lorkieets and more!

Kevin goes to the best bird store ever, to buy some new pellets for Pillow and ends up bringing home a bunch of bird toys and stuff. Also, he visited with a bunch of cute birds they had there! A blue headed pionus, cockatiels, parrotlets, a Camelot macaw, a green winged macaw, finches, a red front macaw, eclectus parrots, a rosella parakeet, plum head parakeets, a painted conure, cinnamon green cheek conures, lorikeets and more!


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We’re a mixed race couple ( AMWF ) with a young hapa ( eurasian ) child living in Los Angeles. Follow along on our family vlog on YouTube.

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