TREASURE HUNT for GOLD!! Playing with Farm Animals and Adley Rides a Horse!

and Spacestation Gaming is in the XGAMES! such a fun weekend!!


Best Treasure Hunt Day Ever 995

We are changing up our routine this morning, Adley is starting the vlog all by herself!! She gets out of bed, turns on the light, says hello to the vlog, and goes off to find Mom and baby brother. They are in the ultimate toy room, playing breakfast and Adley joins in the family fun. They play with toys and games for a little before heading out, Adley has swimming lessons soon and she needs to get changed.

While waiting, Jenny shows us what Niko Bear has been up to the past few days. Every morning he walks into the bathroom and pretends to brush his teeth! It’s so cute! Today he grabs the comb too and brushes out his hair!! He is hilarious! Swimming lessons go really well and when the family gets back its time to take birthday invitations to Adley’s friends! She and Niko jump in the Barbie camper and cruise all over the neighborhood, delivering cards for Aldey’s 4th birthday! Can’t believe she’s that old already.

After that, Jenny and the kids meet up with some of Adley and Nikos cousins to visit “This is the Place heritage park” It’s this cool park talking about the founding of Utah, but they have a lot of kids things to do, like make necklaces, watch dances, and there is a petting zoo full of farm animals. Aldey also rides a horse that looks a lot like Spirit the horse. She also dig for gold, gets a bucket and starts looking for the hidden treasure!

Now you might be asking, where is Shonduras during all of this? I’m at the Xgames!! Our Apex team is playing and I’ve come to cheer them one. So cool being here!!

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