Bird Superpowers – Super Abilities in Real Life

If you love superheroes, you will love these real life superpowered birds! Regeneration, strength, endurance, they have it all! Please subscribe to continue learning what makes life AWESOME:

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This video covers six bird superpowers:

Regeneration: birds that can recover from hearing loss, which is permanent in humans.

Endurance: a bird that can fly for 10 months straight without touching the ground. Even Superman touches the ground sometimes!

Impact Resistance: a bird that regularly hits things face-first and comes out unscathed.

Mimicry: birds that can copy sounds.

Super strength: birds that can apply WAY more force than you can.

Flight: um… this superpower is hardly remarkable, it’s so common in birds.

If you can think of any other bird superpowers, let me know in the comments!

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Video “Sardine Run – diving the bait ball with dolphins, sharks and gannets” filmed by Sebastian Carmo, distributed by Tony Isaacson (via Youtube). Used under Creative Commons cc-by 2.0.
Video “Gannets feeding off Flamborough Headland” by Africa G√≥mez (via Youtube). Used under Creative Commons cc-by 2.0.
Video “LyreBird” by John Beckett (via Youtube). Used under Creative Commons cc-by 2.0.

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