Key Reviews DIY Cooling Giant Dog Bed And Yells At Seagulls!

Link to the Gear Fur leash on Kickstarter:
I made Key a new cooling giant bed. The fabric is a faux (fake) leather effect which is wipe clean and doesn’t hold onto his fur. It’s also thin enough to let the cooling effect of the cool mat inside come through. It’s 7cm of memory foam inside a cotton liner I also made. Let me know if you would like to see a full tutorial on how I made this as I need to make a second one, and now I know what I’m doing I’ll be able to film it properly. Key also yelled at the seagulls, and gave his opinion on the bed.
We were also sent a new leash and latch design by Gear Fur.

For more videos of Key making you laugh, checkout his channel here:

For our merchandise and artwork drawn by me:

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