ESO Mounts Guide – Elder Scrolls Online Mount and Horse Guide – How to get a mount in ESO

In ESO Mounts Guide I show you how to get a mount in elder scrolls online, what the difference between mounts is, how to upgrade your mounts speed, stamina and carrying capacity and more! I actually also show off a variety of ESO mounts such as horses, senches, and more! Hopefully after viewing this ESO horse guide (except it’s no longer just horses!) you will understand everything you need or could want to know!

If you are totally new to the game I really recommend you watch the full video so you see all there it. Mounts no longer have differences when purchased, and you now train riding skill in ESO so be sure that you don’t get confused by watching old guides!

What is a mount? 00:16
How does a mount help you? 00:29
How do you get a mount in ESO? 00:42
Where is my Imperial Edition horse? 01:52
Difference between in game and crown store mounts: 02:14
What’s the difference between mounts? 02:39
Do characters share mounts? 03:09
Renaming Mounts: 03:48
How do you improve your mount or riding skill? 04:03
How much can you improve your mount? 06:14
What do mount stats do? 06:28
ESO Mount armor and visual effects: 08:16
Choosing items to show on your mount: 08:50
How to use a mount: 09:24

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Beginner’s guide to The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited (ESO or ESOTU). I cover the basics like crafting, how to get a mount, and what the different dungeon symbols means!

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