Angry birds movie – more funny than flappy bird – Epic Surprise Eggs!!! #angrybirds


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Hi Kids, I hope you like this Angry Birds video I made specially 4 you! You will find an Epic surprise because these are Kinder Surprise Eggs plus candys and chupa chup lolly pop.

Discover the Super Cool Surprises that I got in this two Angry Birds special edition pack.

Share the video if you liked it :o) Oh, and remember to download the Flappy Bird game app!

Poached Eggs
Mighty Hoax
Danger Above
The Big Setup
Ham ‘Em High
Mine and Dine
Birdday Party
Bad Piggies
Surf and Turf
Red’s Mighty Feathers
Golden Eggs


Angry Birds Seasons
Trick or Treat: Halloween-themed levels
Season’s Greedings: Christmas-themed levels
Hogs and Kisses: Valentine’s Day-themed levels
Go Green, Get Lucky: St. Patrick’s Day-themed levels
Easter Eggs: Easter-themed levels
Summer Pignic: Summer-themed levels
Mooncake Festival: Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival-themed levels
Ham’o’ween: Halloween-themed levels
Wreck the Halls: Christmas-themed levels
Year of the Dragon: Chinese New Year-themed levels
Cherry Blossom: Japanese-themed levels
Piglantis: Summer-themed levels
Back to School: School-themed levels
Haunted Hogs: Halloween-themed levels
Winter Wonderham: Christmas-themed levels
Abra-Ca-Bacon: World Circus Day-themed levels

Angry Birds Rio
Smuggler’s Den
Jungle Escape
Beach Volley
Carnival Upheaval
Airfield Chase
Smuggler’s Plane
Market Mayhem
Golden Beachball

Angry Birds Space
Pig Bang
Cold Cuts
Fry Me to the Moon
Red Planet
Pig Dipper
Cosmic Crystals
Danger Zone

Angry Birds Star Wars
Death Star
Cloud City
Moon of Endor
Death Star II (Coming soon)
Boba Fett Missions
Path of the Jedi

Angry Birds Star Wars II
Escape to Tatooine
Reward Chapter

Others are Angry Birds Go! and Angry Birds Friends

Other Languages:
Angry Birds in United States
アングリーバードあるいはアングリーバーズ in Japan
Сердитые птицы, Злые птицы in Russia
愤怒的小鸟 in China
Burung marah in Indonesia

Music from YouTube audio library:
“Blue Break” by Silent Partner
“Gypsy Dance” by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena

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