Dog funniest moments compilation #5

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Welcome to the fifth dog funniest moments compilation! This funny dog compilation includes lots of clumsy dogs, cute puppies and cool dogs on skateboard. One dog falls to the beach, another one falls into swimming pool and other dogs fall from beds. Watch crazy playful dogs, cute dog friendships, funny poodles and cute French Bulldogs. Dog funniest moments compilation #5 also includes squeaking puppies, dogs in funny costumes and funny dog-rabbit-friendships. Watch a funny chicken-dog-fight, a dog that misunderstands its owner and jumps into sea at the end and cute puppies that sleep in rank and file.

Hope, you enjoy my fifth Dog funniest moments compilation. Tell me, please, which part of funny dog compilation you like most. I would be happy about subscribing my channel and sharing this video!


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Photo by Gaby Baldiskaite on Unsplash

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