Another Cool Underwater Dog Video Here is another cool underwater dog video taken with my Aquapac for the iphone 4. You can get your aquapac at

This is an underwater shot of our dog “Tank” swimming to the bottom of our pool. I was across the pool and just holding my Iphone 4, which was enclosed in the aquapac and just holding underwater pointing it towards ‘Tank’. I was not actually under the water also, although you could do that as well.

You can slip your iphone into the aquapac and make it waterproof, and then take it out when you are done and use it in a regular case if you’d like. It has a lanyard where you can hang in on your neck, and if it were to come loose, it does float so you would not lose it. Simple, durable, and easy to use. Well worth the money. Maybe they will see this and send me a couple more!! 🙂

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