How to Win at Horse Racing (Royal Derby) – Stan’s Gambling Tips

Stan shows you quick insider tips and tricks on how to play and how to win any Horse Race, weather it be at the track or at the Royal Derby mechanical racing game! Game suggested by the ‘Due for a Win’ Podcast:

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Horse Racing is a simple game with simple rules, and Stan is here to break it down for you. Stan is a real dealer in a real casino and has learned insider tips and tricks to beat the house. Like all casino games, Horse Racing is a game of mathematical probabilities. If you come prepared, know the rules and strategies, employ the strategies, play with your head and keep your cool, Horse Racing offers you the best opportunity to walk away a winner. Like poker, Horse Racing is a game of skill.

*disclaimer: we take no responsibility for any losses incurred by following advice presented in this video; however we do take responsibility for the wins.

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