Special Bullet Ghoda Dance : Horse Dance In India घोड़ा डांस

This edutainment video is beneficial for those who always look for new ideas of horse dance . this horse dance was special because it was done with motorcycle used in arena.

In this horse market of india , Large number of stallions, mares and baby horses ( foals ) of Indian horse breeds like white punjabi nukra horses , Marwari horse, Kathiyawadi horse, sindhi horse are brought in market. for sale . do not jump to the decision , first check the horse riding then discuss the horse rate price. , healthy & beautiful with Cool temperament horses are the Best horses .
Watch , learn and enjoy !

► Location – Sarangkheda horse Market ( घोड़ा बाजार मंडी ) , Sarangkheda Mela Fair Festival ,Nandurbar, Maharashtra , India
► Event – Sarangkheda horse fair yatra , Chetak festival jatra 2017
► Production – * Shot & interview by Sanjeev Kumar Gupta ( the owner of channel)
* Camera used in this video – Sony Handycam HDR PJ410 * Music track taken from You Tube audio library
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Disclaimer – This is vlog. This video is not the sale of advertising, sponsorship, or promotions . It does not contain paid promotion. We do not charge for the showing the product. The objective of this video is educational purposes for people. We are unaware and not responsible for prices ,This video is shot at their location. Take care while dealing with anyone and do wisely.
Disclaimer Note(Warning): No harm is done to child/ animal/human in this video. PLEASE DON’T TRY ANY OF THE TRICKS OR STUNTS MENTIONED OR DEPICTED IN ANY VIDEOS OR PHOTOS. These stunt performers are skilled professionals under the supervision of experts . TRYING THESE TRICKS COULD LEAD TO SERIOUS INJURY, INCLUDING PARALYSIS, OR EVEN DEATH. SO PLEASE DON’T EVEN TRY
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