दुर्योधन घोड़ा जिसने किये हैं 45 चीर हरण – Stallion Duryodhan In Muktsar Mela Horse Market 2020

Muktsar Video Of horse market in india . Indian Horses For Sale . This video shows Horse Price/ rate In india . Stallions, mares and baby horses ( foals ) of Indian horse breeds like white punjabi nukra horses , Marwari horse, , sindhi horse are found in black, white and other colours In this horse market of india.. Check the horse by horse riding then negotiate the horse rates. , healthy & beautiful with Cool temperament horses are the Best horses
► Location – muktsar horse mandi (मुक्तसर घोड़ा बाज़ार ) , shri muktsar sahib, Punjab, India
► Event – mela muktsar da , maghi mela , muktsar mela 2019
#muktsarhorsemarket2020 #melamaghi #horsemarket

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