How Do Bird Eyes Work? – Ask Two Zookeepers #2

How are birds adapted for vision? Also, what if birds had jobs? Let’s Ask Two Zookeepers! Please subscribe to continue learning what makes life AWESOME:

This video will teach you some of the adaptations that birds have to support their excellent vision. Neck stabilizers, multiple points of focus, artificial binocular vision. Lots of cool science.

And this video will also teach you what jobs different birds would do in a world where birds have replaced people.

If you are interested in birds or just want to come hang out with a couple of zookeepers, this video is for you!

The boat thing was NOT a real experiment. Rather, it was a stunt done for a commercial.
On the other hand, Smarter Every Day has made a chicken-based video stabilizer which you can see here:

Bizarre Birds –

Ask Two Zookeepers #1


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