Adley’s PiRATE ☠️ iSLAND!! hidden treasure on a Magic Beach, new Hide n Seek pretend play with Mom!

Pirate Dad hides real treasure at the Family Lake!!


HEY EVERYBODY!! So something crazy happened! My dad turned into a Pirate!! He got a pirate hat and some treasure and took it to a secret island so he could bury his gold!! He had to swim across the ocean to get there but he arrived safely and started to hide the treasure! He went all over the island to find the very best hiding spots for the chests! After burying them really good he hoisted up the pirate flag and went to take a pirate nap! Later my mom and I wanted to go look for him but we couldn’t find him so we decided to go to the lake and build sandcastles! When we got there we noticed something sticking out of the rocks. We dug it up and it was a small treasure chest filled with gold and a note! The note told us that we had to fill in words around the island! If we filled in the words the island would do some magic and provide us with a key that could unlock the treasure chests around the island! We started searching for hidden letters around the island and we found some words! Candy, joke, paint, and prize! We filled in those words and were given really cool surprises!! This was a fun game and I can’t wait to play with pirate dad again!

my last video – new ADLEY PRiNCESS MAKEOVER!! invited to a Royal Tea Party by bird! 2 head magic parents disney spa!

my dad’s last video – FAMiLY FACES GAME!! First Sand Castles of the Summer! Lake day then fun new games inside our house!

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*

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