Savage Dogs!

Here is the build showing how I did these dogs previously for my current workbench:

And this is the video were I made that drill press vise (early COVID panic included):

Here is the link for Rockler’s portable drill guide:

This is the McMaster Carr hole saw I used as a plug cutter:

And this is the Magswitch 40mm Forstner bit I use with that hole saw, use code “andrewklein” for 10% off that bit:

Forstner Bit 40mm – 180099

Lastly, If you like these dogs and want to build them I have a pre-sale for the posts with threaded ends, magnets with poles marked (so you don’t have to make them like I did in the video), and cork rubber for the tops, you can see that here:

I was starting to feel like this video had too many sales pitches in it, and I’m also burning out on pre sales (I can’t wait to get to the point that I always stock everything I sell), so I just didn’t feel making a bit deal out of this in the video. But it is a product I’m excited about, I think it’s a really good price point for easy to build dogs with some cool capability.

Thanks again for watching!

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