How to Paint Birds in Watercolour – Quick & Simple – Real time video with extra tips!

I said there would be more Bee-eaters, and here we are! Southern Carmine Bee Eater in flight…soo much fun!!

The colours for this painting were all from Holbein:
Pthalo Blue
Carmine Red
Pyrole Red
New Gamboge Yellow
Turqouise (Daniel Smith)

It was painted on Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour paper (gummed block) with a size 14 & size 8 synthetic round brush.

You can download the line drawing to copy at the Patreon link below. Simply visit the page and scroll down for the attachment. This is viewable by public, NO account required 🙂

You can find a handful of copyright free reference photos there too, along with the main image for this painting from Wikicommons Images:

In this series we will be looking at using minimal equipment to create quick & simple, 10 – 20 minute, watercolour paintings of birds. The emphasis will be on lots of movement, character and letting the beautiful medium of watercolour just do it’s thing! With just the odd hit of detail. These are going to be fun and expressive watercolours, full of life…and hopefully for everyone from total beginner to seasoned watercolourist.

As the series goes on I will be building on the these approaches, principles and tips, so please consider subscribing if this is your thing.

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