The Beach Boys – Cool, Cool Water (DJ L33 Remaster and Music Video) Promo Film 720p HD Rare HQ

This was a request for a viewer Helen. She wanted to hear Cool, Cool Water remastered and with a music video. So I thought I’d try a new concept. I tried to make the music video appear as if it’s one of their late 60’s early 70’s promo films.

CHAPTER TIME: Chapter Title

0:00 Cool, Cool Water
1:14 Time Stand Still
1:46 The Spirit of the Horse and Rider X2
5:20 Bonus Feature Brian Wilson on Cool, Cool Water

The source audio was taken from the 2012 Linnett remaster which he REALLY improved over the 2000 pressing, very big difference. I then took the 2012 master and widened the stereo a bit and added some warmth and adaptive clarity etc.

As for the video my friend John donated a DVD with great footage of half the song performed live. I scoured the web and found most of the rest of it but in poorer quality. I restored the terrible additional footage as much as possible, and then used the water theme to make lemonade so to speak. Parts of them playing appear to be underwater and then they come to the surface!

So between the clear footage and the restored footage I had 2/3rds of the live performance lined up. I then filled in the missing 1/3rd with live footage from the era and made it LOOK like they were singing this song! Nothing can ever be easy!

I then added a bunch of footage of the beautiful UK countryside and water attractions from 1971. One of the coolest spots in the world is The Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. You should see this in person. It should be a wonder of the world. Watch the old footage of it at 0m24s

Some highlights in the video include the section where I used boats to use the white noise windy sound from the song. It also showcases a new skill I learned; to make video appear as it was shot with high speed cameras and slowed down to nothing as witnessed with the boats at from 1m14s to 1m30s.

I then faded to black and white and nighttime with an overlay of the Brothers Records logo horse and rider, and then the horse and rider from the cover of Surf’s Up from 1m46s 1m56s seen flickering in the dark.

Then at 2m03s I use an psychedelic era wavy effect as water and then manually manipulate the software to make water drops (not an effect) at 2m11s.

The album thumbnail is a an original cover for the single. It’s a take off of Ten Years Of Hamony, but it fits because of the logo being similar to the character on the cover of Surf’s Up, which is the same era as Sunflower. My 45 doesn’t have artwork, and I can’t find any record of one existing.

The BONUS feature is an interview with Brian Wilson fondly remembering how much he loved the recording process and performance of this song. LOL@What do they call that, a rooster?

The studio computers have never worked so hard. At one point in the video there were 3 layers playing at once, with the computer cleaning up the pixilation from bad footage, upscaling it to 720p HD at the same time, while fading translucencies, slowing down the frame rate to nothing without any stuttering as if shot with a high speed camera, fading to greyscale and black…only to come back to footage that looks like it’s underwater.

I MAY attempt to complete the Surf’s Up video promo unless it is out there complete somewhere and I haven’t seen it – Brian on piano..can anyone tell me if the complete song on video promo exists? That will be the last video before getting back to the 2nd half of the Summer In Paradise Remix Album, starting with Under The Boardwalk, then Surfing.

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