MY HORSE HATES WINTER – Part one | Tips to survive the colder months | Footluce Eventing

Hello, welcome back! I wanted to start by saying a big hello to the new subscribers, it’s lovely to have you here 💙

In this video I am starting the MY HORSE HATES WINTER series by showing you a couple of the most important things for Laragh to survive the winter. For those of you who don’t know my horse, she isn’t the easiest to keep in good shape when the nights get shorter and the temperature drops. She’s a messy mare in her stable, fussy with her food and drops weight like no tomorrow! Thankfully, the past two years i’ve found the perfect routine to keep her happy and healthy, so make sure you stay tuned for the rest of the vlogs in the short series 🙂

Thank you to T H Scott and Son for providing the most fabulous forage for Laragh, you can find their website here for more information if you are in the East of England:

Thank you to Sophie Allen for demonstrating Laragh’s stretches. Disclaimer: I recommend talking to your vet or physiotherapist before trying the stretches yourselves, to make sure your horse is fit and capable of performing them!
Find out more about Sophie here:

AND FINALLY, if you haven’t seen my Team Chasing video featuring @Elphick.Event.Ponies, I highly recommend it! Watch here

Thank you again for watching, I can’t wait to welcome you back soon for a TACK UP AND RIDE WITH ME- Norfolk Edition- Inspired by my lovely friend @Life On The Left Rein


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