How to Make an Origami Horse

(Intermediate) “I’m gonna fold my horse on the old town road!” …And I did! How to fold an origami horse from one square of paper no cutting.
TIPS: For the tutorial I used a 13-inch square of kami, but I’ve folded it successfully from 6-inch kami too. I recommend using paper that is the same color on both sides so that you don’t see any white peering out from the inner layers. If you want you can try to sculpt hooves by spreading out the points of the legs, but I recommend just leaving them pointy because having a taller horse is key to making it not look like a dog, and because I think it’s cleaner-looking and easier to just leave them pointy.

The inspiration to make this model really was Old Town Road’s surprising 17-week run atop the Billboard chart. I don’t usually design straight animal models anymore, because there are already many expert origami designers who have mastered folding animals, but this was an exception, and I kind of did want to see if I still have what it takes! I used the intuitive circle packing method (meaning in my mind, not by computer), and I also tried to limit myself to using traditional bases (I used blintzed stretched bird base). It was important to me to give it a closed back, so my starting point was that the top of the back was going to be from the center of the square and I built everything else around it. I worked from pictures of horses on the Internet. As I struggled with the head/neck I folded just that part many times from separate pieces of paper till I was satisfied enough to incorporate it into the full model.

Music credits:

Sour Tennessee Red – John Deley and the 41 Players – YouTube Audio Library
Honky Tonkin -Doug Maxwell
Morning Stroll – Josh Kirsh
Swamp Stomp – Silent Partner
Darktown Strutters – E’s Jammy Jams
Sleepy Jake – Silent Partner
Shine on Harvest Moon E’s Jammy Jams
Urban Lullaby -Jimmy Fontanez/Doug Maxwell
Hookah Bar – Silent Partner
Fresh Fallen Snow – Chris Haugen
Jazz me Blues – E’s Jammy Jams
The Easy Winners – E’s Jammy Jams

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