Updated quick notes for Cool Cats Drop 3 for NBA Top Shot

In this video, I share my updated quick notes for Cool Cats Drop 3 NBA Top Shot. Please remember that the NBA Top Shot space moves really quickly and prices of moments can be affected by new sets and packs. It’s key to stay on top of the game and adapt.

Please remember this channel is for collectors/investor and not short term flippers. Anyone who break rules will get kicked/banned.

Video resource links below.

Intangible Market

Evaluate Market

Moment Ranks

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NBA Top Shot is a new way to collect your favorite NBA moments. These blockchain collectibles will revolutionize the way you collect things. I discovered about this from a Wealth Simple Magazine article and I am very impressed with the platform.

Getting into NBA Top Shot now is like getting in early as the 1999 Pokemon First Edition base set.

Disclaimer: Not financial advice. Invest and collect with your own research. This video was not sponsored. This video is for entertainment purposes only. Just sharing my discovery as a collector.
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